Building Honest, Hard Working Social Media Conversations

Social media conversations are an integral aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing has seen the onset of social media as a major tool to reach your customer in ways that were never possible before. It is fair to assume that social media will continue to carve out a larger niche in what digital marketers do on a day to day basis. The potential for social media to humanize your brand and encourage authentic engagement is invaluable. Posting casual videos, images and other content that allow users to see a face or personality associated with your brand can garner a trust that was previously much more difficult to attain.

Social Media Conversations - An image of a smartphone screen with social media application icons. To receive good quality interactions on social media you need to be SOCIAL. This means responding often with thoughtful and authentic replies to develop a conversation. Unless you are an international brand or produce viral content consistently, it is not enough to post content on your page. You will need to work hard at being social to achieve engagement from your followers.

Of course, the primary challenge is to attract fans that are willing to engage. Once you have some engagement on social media, it only becomes useful if you return it and are eager to create conversations with your followers.

Using scheduling software like Buffer, Hootsuite – affiliate link, or Edgar) for your social media posts can be a valuable tool however, it does not account for personal engagement. People love to hear or read their names, thus replying to a question with a personal touch is a great opportunity to create meaningful dialogue and lead to better customer relationships. These relationships will turn into highly qualified leads and are more likely to blossom into conversions.

The Most Beautiful Sound

A person’s own name is the most beautiful sound that one can hear. This also applies to their name in writing. As a digital marketer who wants to build hardworking social media conversations, using first names with your followers establishes trust and an attachment to your brand. It bestows on followers a sense of worth on the human level. At the backend of this truth is the sign off for a comment. Using your first name in appropriate situations, as opposed to your company’s team name, can establish the sense of a human to human relationship.

Social Proof Through Social Media Conversations

If you have a good product, chances are that your users will want to post how they are using your product through comments, video, and photos. This kind of advertising is invaluable and free. A user generated comment can go much further than a paid advertisement to get the word out about the quality of your products and services and validates it with social proof.


Social Media conversations - Social proof image with blue background and white text.

Developing quality social media conversations helps to build trust with your followers and will show others that you are engaged and care about your products or services.


An easy way to get encourage users to engage in social media conversations is to simply ask them to do it. For instance, post a request for users to upload pictures of their workspace or post about how your product is benefiting them. These requests spark a dialogue that promotes your brand. Another good practice is to ask engaging questions in your content and request that your audience respond with their own thoughts and ideas on the topic.

Additionally, ask for reviews and testimonials for further indications of social proof. For instance, reviews on your Facebook page, Google places, Yelp or other platforms. This method runs the risk of an unsavory review, which inevitably is going to happen. However, if your business is reputable and ethical, the good far outweighs the bad and will solidify the quality of your business.

Developing strong user engagement also provides an opportunity to enhance your customer service image by honestly addressing posted issues, negative or positive. When a positive comment is made, you can thank them personally and increase good-will. Conversely, if there is a negative comment or complaint, you can publicly address the concern and show a willingness to correct the problem.

Also, in the event of a negative comment, you may find that your loyal followers will respond in your defense. This is far more effective than any response from you. When your products and services are focused on helping your clientele, and you provide value, your engagement efforts are rewarded exponentially.

Request user Input for Stronger Social Media Conversations

Your followers are the ones utilizing your product so why not probe them for input? Your ethical digital marketing practices have given you the luxury of having the best clients available. The response that you receive from proven buyers is priceless when planning new digital marketing platforms. A real-time analysis of what is working right now is not bad either.  You have built relationships on trust. Your client feedback will mold your product to appeal to future buyers and improve your current customer experience as well.

The reason that personalization in digital marketing is so prevalent is that people respond openly and honestly. Tailoring your offers to social network platforms individually is key. An example would be to use Facebook Web Custom Audiences; which has recently been rebranded as Facebook Pixels.

Using a simple tracking code, you can identify those that have visited your site yet did not convert. By remarketing to those fans using special adverts and offers, you increase your exposure by personalization through social marketing.

Of all the social media platforms that have changed the face of marketing, Facebook still reigns as the big daddy of them all. Advertising on Facebook presents challenges with exposure to your target audience and the expense can be quite high.

By remarketing you increase your specific reach and your chance of conversion. You also reduce expenses wasted on uninterested leads. Increasing conversion and reducing expenses are important metrics for growing your business.

What About Other Platforms?

Other social media platforms also have their own strengths and the same principles apply. For example, Pinterest is visual and thus a good way to start a dialogue. Twitter posts are limited, so you need to be concise. Twitter also has useful analytics and advertising, maybe even better than Facebook’s. Pinterest has also improved their ability to track your users and how they are engaging with your pins. Here’s a list of 10 of the most popular social media platforms right now. We don’t recommend using all of them, but choose several and be consistent in using them daily to interact with your audience.

  1. Facebook – 1,790,000,000
  2. YouTube – 1,000,000,000
  3. Instagram – 500,000,000
  4. Twitter – 313,000,000
  5. Reddit – 234,000,000
  6. Tumblr – 115,000,000
  7. Flickr – 112,000,000
  8. Google+ – 111,000,000
  9. LinkedIn – 106,000,000
  10. Pinterest – 100,000,000

The Takeaway

As a digital marketer, the value of social networks to connect with massive audiences to increase profits are undeniable. Building social media conversations shows that you are an attentive business owner that truly cares for your customers well being. Furthermore, aside from advertising costs, the platforms are free. While growing your brand, advertising budgets may be small. The beauty of social marketing is the multitude of free tools that establish relationships with customers on a level that has not been seen before. Social media is truly a place for digital marketers where everyone can play, and if done well, win.

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