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    The strong odor might trigger allergy issues. You might wish to avoid down/feather pillows for ethical reasons, or due to asthma or allergies. That’s right! Wool and cotton pillows don’t attract dust mites or mold, making them ideal for those with allergies. Consider choosing a wool or cotton pillow. Consider specialty pillows. Certain sleeping habits and health conditions may mean that a "normal" pillow may not be your best choice. Although dream sleep pillow is meant to be filled with water to your ideal level of firmness and sleeping position – less water for back sleepers, more water for side sleepers – I believe side sleepers are more likely to benefit from this pillow as, even with very little water, it may still be too thick for smaller back sleepers. However, if you tend to sleep on your stomach, you should avoid thick wool pillows, which are not ideal for your neck. If you are a stomach sleeper, but you also want a pillow that is hypoallergenic, you may be able to find a very thin wool or cotton pillow.

    X Research source – Be aware that these pillows tend to be quite firm, so they may not be the most suitable for stomach sleepers. Their prices also vary, as some may charge you according to per line, per word and may be on hourly basis. The best pillow for you may not be the most expensive one. I am not sure if you are aware, but really you will need to replace your pillow every couple of years. They can last up to 10 years and are resilient and breathable because they are made of a natural material. Nope! Feather pillows can attract different allergens, including dust mites or mold. These pillows are good for allergy sufferers, as they are mold resistant. A wool or cotton pillow might be particularly suitable for you if you suffer from severe allergies, as these pillows are not susceptible to dust mites or mold. Thin wool pillows are also typically firm, which is better for stomach sleepers.

    More firmness, or loft, suits side sleepers while less loft is better for back or stomach sleepers. Kids’ imagination is widely stimulated by stacking various sets of them into different forms which would create more fun when parents join in and help stack all kinds of shapes. Memory foam pillows come in all shapes and sizes including an S-shaped version. Latex pillows come in all shapes and sizes. You cannot ask for a better contour pillow for all your sleeping patterns because not many come close to what this pillow offers. You need an airplane neck pillow to help your body adjust to the otherwise unnatural sleeping position of your body. Not quite! Down is the inner feathers of a duck, close to the animal’s body. In addition, if you are recovering from upper body surgery, these pillows assist in keeping your neck still when you sleep. Sleep Specialist Expert Interview.

    This cool-looking pillow was purpose-built to cut down on neck pain, headaches and other commonly-experienced sleep issues. X Research source While some claim this has helped relieve pain, doctors are not sure how or whether or not this technology actually works. “This pillow is DREAM for anyone who has chronic neck pain, likes to sleep on one dominate side, or tends to flip from side to side through the night,” one wrote. Oxygen pillows are designed to promote the circulation of air, which is meant to help you breathe more freely and deeply while you sleep. Naturally, cotton is popular, but silk coverings and even more “out there” coverings such as fur have been known to be popular. You have to find one with zero motion transfer so you both can be comfortable. They aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to snoring, but you can certainly use one of these if you find them comfortable.