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    In the present property time period, probably the most prominent is definitely the aqua city project. Aqua city Bien Hoa is found in the "Glowing" spot adjacent to the Eastern side of Ho Chi Minh City.

    Find out about the wise eco-metropolitan Aqua City

    Creator exceeding 28 several years of real-estate advancement experience Novaland Team

    Place: Huong Lo 2 Road, Long Installed, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.

    Range of aqua city task: more than 1000 hectares

    Aqua city Bien Hoa consists of 7 subdivisions: Phoenix Tropical island, Stream Park your car 1, The Lavish Villas, The Valencia, The Stella, The Elite, The Suite

    By far the most excellent environmental establishments: 32 km of stream park, 385 ha water surface, 25 ha of academic facilities by any means ranges, 3 ha of health-related establishments, 20 theme parks, 70% from the environmentally friendly region and Frequent facilities…

    At the moment available available for sale: the most wonderful Phoenix, az Tropical island subdivision of Aqua City undertaking (Phoenix arizona South, Phoenix Northern, Phoenix az Main)

    Discover the Phoenix, az Island subdivision that is certainly open available for purchase

    Opening purchase in the very first period of Phoenix Tropical island (Modern day Western design, 30% window material to trap sunlight and breeze and relish the whole view)

    Predicted expense of Phoenix arizona To the south subdivision is just from 6.8 billion dollars:

    Opportunity to own F0 product or service (not even available available for sale)

    Supply for that initial purchase, discount as much as 15Per cent

    Common repayment from 36 a few months, 40Percent financial loan support with Per cent interest and original sophistication period of time for 36 a few months.

    Extremely light-weight payment 1Per cent/30 days for 88 several weeks

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