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    Maybelline Super Keep lipstick is a well-known brand. The amount spent on advertising is mirrored in the worth. It’s not the most affordable lipstick around, but there are a lot more expensive. If this merchandise delivers the promise, you save time and power checking within the mirror and re-applying your makeup.

    This lipstick seems sleek and skilled. Packaging is minimal. The twin ended product is a pleasing design, smooth but curvy. Highlighting Guidelines for the Perfect Glow is the actual lip colour, while the other is a lip balm to complete the feel and appear of the cosmetic. The balm is on the market individually, which could be useful.

    I discovered dealing with the product nice. It looks like some thought went into the design. The lipstick component has a nicely shaped wand for easy software, whereas the balm clicks easily into place, and is easy to wind in or out of the casing.

    There is a variety of shades to select from in this product. I bought one which said it was a "favorite", indeed the slot was empty in three previous stores once i wished to purchase one. It’s a bit troublesome to choose because the testers appear slightly different from the plastic block shade on show.

    Having purchased my chosen lipstick, I went home to attempt it out in additional natural lighting conditions than the shop offered.

    The lipstick wand made software clean and simple. Should you apply too much, be sure that to quickly pat off excess along with your finger before it starts to dry. The colour must settle for a minute or so, then starts to really feel a little dry in your lips. This is where the balm comes into play. A quick touch makes the lipstick shine. It’s simple to re-apply the balm with out using a mirror to perk up the look of your lipstick, leaving your lips clean and snug.

    The tiny writing on the packaging and tube is hard to read. I had bought this shade previously, but had mistakenly replaced it with another shade on account of 1) a change in product design, 2) retailer lighting affecting the appearance, 3) me not carrying reading spectacles whereas shopping.

    Having completely examined my recent buy, I do assume it’s troublesome to ascertain the shade for future reference – if, indeed I want to purchase one other before Maybelline re-design their product. There’s a quantity on the top of the tube, however I found it arduous to relate to the lipsticks in store. I used to be working from reminiscence because the sticker had fallen off during use.


    The product promotes itself as 24 hour put on. From expertise, there are variables between shades. This shade is extremely durable. It lasts by mealtimes, many applications of lip balm, scorching and cold drinks, teeth cleansing, mouthwash. It’s impressive. Hats off to Maybelline.

    In the event you do resolve the lipstick wants a new coat, it’s best to remove the unique utility first. A second coat doesn’t go on as evenly.

    In Conclusion

    As soon as I found my chosen shade, the product was simple and nice to make use of. Lengthy lasting, snug, no unwanted scents, good for lip condition when used with the balm. Prime product.

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    5 stars for Maybelline super keep 24hour lipstick

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    Good observation, bridalletter, thanks for commenting.

    vanmiu makeup

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    This should be the one for brides to make use of. Seems like it is extremely strong. Nice evaluation.

    Thanks, L.L. Woodard, it may be tough finding something that works nicely. This is unquestionably a favourite now.

    L.L. Woodard

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    I am passing on this information to the girls in my life who complain about their lipsticks. Very thorough assessment.

    Nice hub; voted up and Shared.

    Ha ha! You should not have opened your pressies already. Hope you benefit from the makeup, and my thanks for the type comment.

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    I really like my lippy! lol! in actual fact my ex bought me a complete huge box of makeup for christmas, yes I do know we haven’t got there yet but we at all times do the present sharing a week early, not meant to but we do! lol! this is nice, I do love mabelline makeup its a lot better than others, stays on longer, nice overview!

    Answering the query in my own comment, above, Maybelline is no.1 prime vendor globally, selling in over ninety international locations. Nothing like a bit of homework……

    Thanks for the comment, carol7777. I published this hub after which my husband asked if it was obtainable in different international locations. Err….I actually hope so! Pretty positive I’ve seen adverts for it with dollar signs. It could be a drag to keep re-making use of makeup . Hope you discover some in a shade you want.

    carol stanley

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    I used to promote a product referred to as Lipsense and it was very expensive but had the same results. I am going to look for this Maybelline any case I get uninterested in re=making use of..You probably did a fantastic job.

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    Thanks, SkeetyD, good to have your comment!


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    "7 Highlighting Guidelines for the Perfect Glow . I love lip colours which might be packaged like this