Web Development & Digital Marketing Simplified

We believe in providing a simple, cost-effective way for our clients to develop an amazing digital presence that works.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing changes rapidly and we can help you learn to not only do it, but do it better. Our BizTek Pro Tools Membership provides a wide variety of courses, ebooks, podcasts, stock photos and other valuable resources to help you become a more effective marketer and increase your ROI.


Along with our core products, we also offer our new clients an opportunity to join the BizTek ToolBox community with access to our private Facebook group and our network social media platform. With these resources you can discuss your marketing and design concerns with other like minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

Web Development

Web development is no longer an obstacle. With BizTek Pro Sites you can be up and running in a few hours...all without spending thousands of dollars. Our themes and templates are all responsive and professionally designed to help you present your business more effectively.

What is BizTek ToolBox?

BizTek ToolBox is a collection of tools and courses focused on giving you the power to leverage technology to grow your business or platform. We also offer easy-to-use, responsive and dynamic web hosting to accommodate your online needs.

Take a look around and see what we can do for you and your business.

Web Design & Dev
Digital Marketing

We want to simplify and stream line the process of getting a web presence established and working for your business or organization.

- Levi Steier. CEO, BizTek ToolBox

What Does BizTek ToolBox Offer

BizTek ToolBox provides you with the ability to set up a web presence quickly and easily while also providing you with a variety of resources to teach you how to use digital marketing to drive more visitors to your site.

Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing Education
Tools & Resources
  • A Hosted Website

    We provide you with the ability to set up a website quickly and easily with our first class web builders. With our platforms and tools, it is easy for you to customize and develop a website that makes it look like you spend thousands on a web developer.

  • Video Courses

    We provide a great selection of video courses to help you develop your digital marketing strategy and maintain a health work-life balance.

  • eBooks & Other Resources

    We also provide you with an eBook & Resource Library that supplements the video courses and gives you the opportunity to learn more about how to develop and implement your digital marketing strategy.

  • Access to our Community

    As a BizTek ToolBox member, you also get access to our community. We are building a network-wide social media platform and have a secret Facebook Group that will allow you engage our team and other business owners while building a strong network of like-minded individuals.