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Facebook for Business…Like a Boss

Facebook for business? Without a doubt. Here is why. Facebook has become a keystone of our society since its advent in 2005.  It is arguably the biggest innovation of our society since the internet.  In fact, when I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I would joke with my students on the first day of class, “Do…

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A Simple Explanation of SEO and 3 Tips to Get You Started

The concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), while becoming more familiar, are foreign to many businesses. As a small to medium sized business, you should be sure to understand the benefits of SEO and how it should be implemented on your website. Effective SEO can help you get more organic traffic to your site that…

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Building Honest, Hard Working Social Media Conversations

Social media conversations are an integral aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing has seen the onset of social media as a major tool to reach your customer in ways that were never possible before. It is fair to assume that social media will continue to carve out a larger niche in what digital…

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